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    Part III: 10 Great Places In Europe For Nature Lovers

    They say nature does wonders for the soul. Would you agree? I definitely do. There is something about God’s handiwork of nature that is awe-inspiring. Waterfalls. Trees. Flora. Fishes. Mountain ranges. The sea. The sun. Birds. Caves. And I can go on! For me, being in nature is a remainder of who God is. Read: My thoughts about Europe Europe has its own natural beauty just like all the other continents. Below are 10 great places within Europe I highly recommend you see. LAKE BLED Where: Bled, Slovenia Why: No explanation needed. (In case you need one, just go on a sunny day and you will not regret it. It is so…

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    Part I: 26 things I found interesting about Europe

    I recently completed a 4.5-week trip around Europe. Visited 8 countries, 1 island, 9 major cities and 7 towns. The observations below only cover my experience in the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark.   The intercity train in the Netherlands empties out the toilet waste on the tracks. It might be hard to see, but can you see the rail track below? I could not believe that!!! If you know why, please let me know.  It can be such a PAIN to find a free toilet. Toilets can cost €0.50 ($0.54) to €1 ($1.07). On a bus ride from Vienna to Frankfurt, the bus stopped for 30 minutes…

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