View of Table Mountain from Lion's Head trail
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Hiking Table Mountain: India Venster Trail

Table Mountain is Cape Town’s iconic landmark. It’s about 3280 feet (1 km) above sea level and the views from up top are amazing!

Of course there are other trails that can lead you to the top, but India Venster trail is a popular hiking trail worth doing.

I’ve visited Table Mountain twice. First time was by cable car and second time by foot.



You’ll find the start of India Venster trail near the cable car station.

Enter into Google Maps this address: Table Mountain Lower Aerial Cableway Station, Tafelberg Road, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa


I took a Uber to the meeting point so if you have a car, there is some parking available, but it can fill up on a busy day.

Depending on where you are coming from, you can use the MyCiti Bus or Hop On-Hop Off Bus to get there.



Hike Date: January 2019
Distance: 2.5 km one-way (1.6 mi)
Hiking time: 3.5 hours one-way
Level of Difficulty: Moderate-to-difficult

There is no entrance fee to hike Table Mountain itself. It’s open 24/7.

I wasn’t confident going alone so I opted for a guided hike through Airbnb Experiences.

Our guide, Martin, is South African. He has a lot of hiking experience. There were 6 of us, including me and the guide.

Once everyone had arrived, we started the hike close to 7:30 am. The weather remained the same throughout the hike. Sunny, clear sky, and very little wind. Beware that the weather can change.

Because it was a Saturday and the weather was good, there were people throughout the trail. Very few were hiking the trail alone. Most were in groups.

30 minutes into India Venster Trail
About 30 minutes into the hike


The first 30 minutes or so of the hike will hurt your thighs. It’s like a stair-master. We had a few short breaks before reaching the top of Table Mountain. The trail has very little shade but offers some of the best views.

What I enjoyed about this hike is the range of activity. There was a mix of trekking, scrambling, and instances where we had to use the chains and metal rings attached to the rocks to move up. And of course the stunning views of the city (98% of the hike) and coastline.

View of Cape Town from Table Mountain

Three-fourths into India Venster Trail, Table Mountain


Most sites will say that you need to be moderately fit. It will certainly help but just so you know, my fitness level is non-existent and I did ok.

Going with a group that allowed for breaks here and there compelled me to keep going otherwise I would naturally stop more often and go at a slower pace when ascending. I also feel that having a guide to navigate how to scramble and lead the way made everything about this hike easier. Less thoughts about my stamina.

The guide shared stories of past hikes, recommended restaurants in Cape Town, knowledge on the wildlife, flora, and fauna found on Table Mountain.

Spotted a dassie at Table Mountain
A dassie – a small animal commonly found on Table Mountain


There are other trails to go back down but going back down this same trail looks challenging. Since the weather was good, we all took the cable car back down. Paid R190 ($14). The line was short and didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes.

As with any hike, make sure to bring a good amount of water, sunscreen, and snacks.

To book the guided tour with Martin, click here. I paid $45.

Table Mountain Summit, Cape Town
Top of Table Mountain



Table Mountain has more than 50 hiking trails. Below are some of the trails, which have varying levels of difficulty and offer different views.

  • Platteklip Gorge
  • Skeleton Gorge
  • 12 Apostles
  • Kloof Corner
  • Mowbray Ridge
  • Kasteelspoort
  • Woodstock Cave
  • Pipe Track
  • Blind Gully



If you don’t want to hike up or down, you can use the cable car. As the cable car goes up Table Mountain, it turns 360°. So everyone will get a good view of Cape Town from above.

Table Mountain Cable Car, Cape Town


The cable car can close at anytime so be prepared. Be sure to check the forecast because if it’s windy or bad visibility, there is the cable car will be closed.

Prices vary if you come in the morning or afternoon, if you have a child who is under age 17, you’re a student, or a South African senior citizen. See rates and specials here. You can purchase your ticket online.

Panoramic View of Cape Town
Beautiful panoramic view of Cape Town


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