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Meet Garda Lake Hostel Review

I have to admit that after last year, I started to dislike hostels. It was a hit-or-miss experience.

Some hostels made it easy to socialize with fellow guests. There were some in dire need of renovation. Some had high reviews but left me disappointed. And the list goes on.

But Garda Lake Hostel, located in Northern Italy, along with another Italian hostel gave me renewed hope. I had such a pleasant time here that I returned back for an additional day on my way from Bolzano.

Stay Date: May 2017 (6 nights)



The ambiance is inviting and friendly. They make it easy for you to meet guests by having a communal dinner every night. Breakfast time is also a good time to meet people. I met at least 10 people, excluding staff and work exchange volunteers, during my stay.

The staff all speak English and most are locals. If Valentina is there, she will give you great tips for Lake Garda and Northern Italy.



Breakfast is free. Consists of plain yogurt, bread, coffee, juice, cereal, etc. The only thing I ate was plain yogurt. Added fruits that I purchased from the nearest grocery store with raw honey (from home).

There is a cooking demonstration every night. Dinner is 5 euros with a drink. They don’t add any meat to their dishes.

Mateo, the hostel cook, from Meet Hostel in Lake Garda
Mateo, the hostel cook

Pasta from the cooking demo at Meet Hostel in Lake Garda

Pasta for dinner at Meet Hostel in Lake Garda


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The hostel is a 10 minute walk from Peschiara train station. Nearest bus stop is a 5 minute walk. A tabacchi shop is only a few meters away if you need to buy a bus ticket.

Nearest grocer is Penny Market, which is a 10 minute walk. It’s a discounted grocery store. For US folks, I would say it’s similar to Aldi.

The next nearest grocer is Famila is a 20 minute walk. It has more variety than Penny and it’s like very much like your standard Westernized grocery store anywhere in the world.

The centre is 15 minutes by foot. There are a few restaurants within walking distance to the hostel.

You can rent a bike for 10 euros a day nearby. Rode one to Sirmione, which took an hour one-way.

If you’re interested in summer hiking, I recommend hiking on Monte Baldo. Read about my experience here. Stunning views of the lake and Italian Alps!

View from Monte Baldo in Lake Garda, Italy
View from Monte Baldo in Lake Garda



I stayed in the 8-bed female dorm both times. Price was 18 euros per night.

Private rooms are available (for a higher price). They can accommodate large groups.

They use energy savings lights in the hallway. Each room is equipped with a card reader to enter. The room itself is very spacious and well decorated. There is also a balcony. Each bed comes with a wall-mounted shelf, a power outlet, and a mini-lamp.

If you need to dry some hand-washed clothes, there is a drying rack available per room.

8 bedroom female dorm at Meet Hostel in Lake Garda
One of the female dorm rooms I stayed in



  • All staff are friendly. They speak English and they are truly warm and kind people
  • Huge common area – several areas to sit
  • There is a kitchen to cook and has just about everything you need, minus cooking oil
  • There are 2 fridges
  • Breakfast is free
  • If you need to check-out before breakfast starts, they will allow you to eat breakfast
  • Dinner is 5 euros with a drink (including alcoholic beverages)
  • There is a cooking demonstration every night. Picked up some new information.
  • They have video cameras everywhere.
  • 24/7 reception, but at night it’s manned by a security guard
  • Housekeeping does come in daily to empty the trash and clean up the toilet & shower room.
  • There is a desktop computer available to use
  • The roof terrace is quite nice and fairly big
  • Felt safe. Located in a quiet area
  • Each room has a laundry drying rack to air dry your clothes
  • They have a wall with tons of suggestions to do in Lake Garda
  • There were guests above the age of 40
  • I love that the toilet and shower are separated
  • A piano is available for use by guests next to the bar
  • Family-friendly and pet-friendly
  • There is an elevator



  • The wifi can be very slow. It’s better to use a laptop than a mobile device.
  • Female dorms comes with an ensuite bathroom
  • In the ensuite bathroom, there is no soap, towel, or paper towel provided
  • Tons of games available (e.g. board games, foosball), but you have to pay
  • The room lockers can be tricky to operate. I had such a difficult time fitting my metal lock through the hole and removing it.



Ann Adventurist Rating system

Lake Garda is truly beautiful! To sum it up, if you are passing through and need accommodation, I highly recommend this hostel.




Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. This was not sponsored by Meet Hostel or anyone. I paid for 100% of my stay.

Meet Garda Hostel

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