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Italy: Hiking Monte Baldo (Lake Garda)

Monte Baldo in Northern Italy is a spectacular place for hiking. It’s 23 mi (37 km) long and 7 mi (11 km) wide. Located in a town called Malcesine around Lake Garda. Lies between the provinces of Trento and Verona.



If you don’t have access to a car, you can reach Malcesine by bus or ferry depending on where you are coming from. A bus ticket from Peschiera del Garda to Malcesine was 10 euros ($11.50). The ride time was 1.5 hours.

If you are driving and need to find parking in Malcesine, click here.
For bus routes, click here for anywhere within Lake Garda. There are specific bus numbers to Malcesine.
For ferry information, click here.

To reach the summit, you can take the rotating cable car to the top. The ride itself is about 25 minutes.

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Depending on the month and day you visit, I would estimate an hour from the cable car ticket queue to reaching the top. I went during the month of May close to the afternoon. Cost was 12 euros ($14 USD) roundtrip. The cost to ride the cable car varies depending on the time of year. The cable car is available from March through November.

Cable car heading to the summit of Monte Baldo (Malcesine, Italy)
Cable car heading to the top of Monte Baldo



If you don’t mind hostels, I stayed in Peschiera del Garda. No complaints of my stay at Meet Garda Lake Hostel.

To book, use this search tool below.



There are many hiking trails but Colma di Malcesine trail is one of the easiest hikes and most picturesque. It’s suitable for all. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Hike Date: May 2017
Distance: 1.7 miles (2.8 km)
Estimated Hiking time: 1 hour roundtrip
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Here is more information on other hiking trails at Monte Baldo.

I consider this trail to be one of my favorite hikes in the world because there are not enough words to describe the views. The panoramic view of Lake Garda is to die for!

View of Lake Garda from Monte Baldo
View of Lake Garda from Monte Baldo
Facing Riva del Garda, a village in Lake Garda Italy
Facing Riva del Garda, a village in Lake Garda

Colma di Malcesine trail at Monte Baldo Italy


TIP: During the month of May, be sure to wear appropriate clothing since you will be 5774 ft (1760 m) above sea level. It was chilly and windy up top but warm in town. Like 20 deg F (10 deg C) less on the mountain. Depending on your sensitivity to cold, a windbreaker jacket and long pants with light thermal wear should suffice. 


Besides hiking, you can go paragliding and mountain biking in the summer and skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing in the winter.

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Day Hiking at Monte Baldo (Italy)


  • Sara B.

    Great post! I didn’t get a chance to hike when I was in Italy two years ago… I was distracted by food and wine 😉 but these views have me thinking I need to add hiking to my list for the next trip!

    • Ann

      Thank you Sara! I don’t blame you for getting distracted by all their good food. And yes, please add Monte Baldo to your list!!!

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