• Bourke's Potluck in Mpumalanga (South Africa)
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    Traveling Around Southern Africa

    There is nowhere like Africa. Obviously I am biased, but there is truth to that. It is a continent (NOT a country) that encompasses a wide variety of cultures, ecosystems, languages, and religions. Although Africa continues to be exploited by foreign interests, it has the potential to be great.   Just to give you some context, this trip was not my first time on the continent. But it was my first time exploring the continent alone. Nigeria was my very first encounter of Africa. Lived there for 2.5 years at age 7 and was last there in 2015. Countries visited: South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho* Total time spent: 5 weeks…

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    My Experience of Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics

    Where do I even begin? For many, going to the Olympics as a spectator is a dream come true. And this trip was a bucket list item come true. A month later, it’s still amazing that I was really there. Like I was LIVE for the Olympics!!??! My first goal was to make sure I secure sport tickets. So I first purchased tickets in January via Cosport, the authorized ticket reseller for the United States. Second goal was to purchase flight tickets to Rio. The price for my roundtrip ticket from Houston to Rio de Janeiro was $1120. In the last weeks leading to my trip, I purchased more tickets and arranged…