My name is Ann. I was born in a small town in Florida called Hollywood. Moved around a number of times, within the United States and abroad. I am currently based in Houston, Texas.

This blog is written and edited by me. All photos are taken with a Samsung Galaxy phone or Canon Powershot G15, unless stated otherwise.


What is this blog about?

  • Do you love to travel?
  • Do you travel to explore the local or indigenous foods?
  • Is your travel style a mix of relaxation, adventure, and learning about the culture?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you have come to the right place. If not, hopefully you can still find something useful on my site.


Why do I care about food?

Well, food in America has changed in the last 50+ years and I refuse to eat what the average American eats for several reasons. Why should anyone have to be stuck between a $1 cheeseburger from McDonald’s and a bag of mixed green salad (grown and harvested locally) for $5 because he/she cannot afford it? Why has society shifted to mass agricultural production? Why are the healthiest foods harder to come by and sold for higher prices? Why do so many choose convenient food over cooking a simple meal for themselves?

Since 2007, I’ve had to teach myself how to cook from scratch by using recipes. In the last few years, I have spent some time learning about agriculture by volunteering my time at local farms in Houston. My essential focus is to incorporate as many locally sourced and chemical-free ingredients into my diet, because that’s how our ancestors ate thousands of years ago. If I can live a life with zero dependency of supermarkets, that would be a dream come true.

Bee at Plant It Forward Farms

Because I am a firm believer of Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, my hope is that more people (kids, teens, men, women) will start cooking and stop allowing food manufacturers to cook for them.


Why do I travel?

To create new adventures.
To try unusual and/or unknown foods.
To learn a new language.
To discover different cultures.
To discover more about myself.
To step out of my comfort zone.
To dispel the myth on why the USA is NOT the greatest country on earth.
To meet locals and fellow travelers.

Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair National Park in Australia

And so much more!

One of my biggest regrets was waiting for someone to travel with. I waited too long, so now I travel alone 99% of the time. It is still one of my BEST decisions ever!


Since tomorrow is not guaranteed, why not live your best life now? I hope that through this blog, I can inspire you to think outside of the box, travel, eat well and live well.

So join me as I discover new adventures!!

Let’s connect!

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